Sunday, April 4, 2010

Is--$2.00 OFF!--really enough?

Imagine you and your spouse are on a vacation in let's say, for example, Las Vegas. One day, a worker from the hotel hands you a tourism guide that is filled with information about places to see, restaurants and famous landmarks. It's already been discussed between the two you of about what sites you are prepared to visit that are within your budget. As your flipping through the pages you see a coupon for an event that wait for it......$2.00 off.

I mean, really? Are these people serious? This isn't McDonalds.

If you were on vacation, and had a rough idea of sites you were interested in visiting. Would a two-dollar coupon shift your ideas? Keep in mind that a large majority of these events to visit are in the price range of twenty-five to fifty dollars.

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