Thursday, February 4, 2010

Scent Marketing. Direct to the brain.

The Pizza Shop in our school just introduced garlic bread sticks (mmm...) we all love the smell of garlic bread sticks, don't we? Every single time I walk down the hallway all I can smell is that wonderful scent of garlic...much like an Italian high classed restaurant. The scent is extremely recognizable. Every time I smell that pungent, sweet garlic and bread smell; all I want are bread sticks from the Pizza shop in our school.

My question: Did they do this on purpose?

Scent marketing has become a popular fad in today's society. Real Estate agents use this technique when showing homes to prospect buyers. The agent will place a freshly baked Apple Pie or cookies on the kitchen counter to give the home a very 'homey' feeling. Does this approach work? For sure has.

I want you to think of anytime you have strolled past a pizza store or bakery in your hometown and been drawn in to purchase.

Can you think of any times you have been lured in my scent marketing. Feel free to post your opinions.


  1. Scents are definitely tricky. Your real estate example is interesting. Why do we use potpourri, incense, diffuser oils and scented candles? Why do we wear expensive perfumes and cologne? I think that scents signify "class". I'll admit to smelling every laundry detergent bottle in the store before I make a purchase. Scent is also the most powerful sense that triggers memories and emotion. One sniff of an ex-flame's cologne and I'm a goner!

  2. I dream of being a copywriter for scent marketing. Soon I will be able to see and hear everything they taste and smell.

    The Phantom