Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Superbowl. Where nonfootball lovers watch for commercials

This blog is going against all that I believe in. But the fact is, the Superbowl is the one day of the entire year that millions gather around their television to see two things: The game and the advertisements.

Monday, the day after the big event, a majority of discussion around the water cooler is the most impressive or controversial ad the office saw during the Superbowl. Companies pump millions of dollars worth of traditional media to be a part of the most popular event in America, which, in turn; portrays the status of a branding. {A company who can afford to spend a million dollars on a 30 second ad must be doing something write in their business}.

This will be one of my blogs where I can actually announce that traditional media blows direct marketing out of the water. Why? Because millions of people around the world are watching television for a four hour span just to see the advertising. I can think of dozens of occasions of non football telling me they only watch the event for the advertising.

Can you remember any of the hundreds of messages you were exposed to today? Maybe? But probably not. But I can bet that even if you did not watch the Superbowl, through word of mouth, you will hear of at least one memorable commercial from the Superbowl.


  1. But will I remember what product the commercial was trying to sell - or more importantly will it actually convert me to a buyer. Often those commercials miss the point.

  2. The fools of the CRTC deny us the true Superbowl experience. These pagans must meet their day of reckoning.

    The Phantom