Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Story behind the current title.

You are driving home from work and usually the first thing you do before reaching the driveway is grab the mail. When you get inside you throw the stack on the counter and a first glance it’s easily recognizable what is considered important, and what you know as junk. I bet these exacts thoughts have crossed through your mind when ciphering through the envelopes, “ Gotta pay phone bill, damn creditors, garbage, garbage, hmm a letter from the bank; wonder what the hell they want, garbage.” Well those two things you claimed as being ‘garbage’ are actually your friends.

Lets face it, the market is changing, people are changing and businesses are starting to realize they need to be more honest to their customers. The sleazy salesman who is ripping you off and in your sub conscience knows you’re being taken for is slowly fading away—with exception of buying food at the theatre; haven’t figured that one out yet. The fact is, with cities growing rapidly and organizations sprouting like weeds, businesses are fighting for brand loyalty and repeat business, and will offer GREAT incentives to keep their current customers.

The point of this blog is to inform people to take advantage of the great offers being given to you in the mail. Also, businesses have moved towards sustaining a relationship with their clients, like a friend. They’re no longer trying to take advantage of their customers because they know that 80% of their business derives from 20% of their customers. So take advantage of those offers and stash some savings away for 2012.

Eli Nicholson

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