Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Communicating with The Big Boys in B2B.

So what do I mean by "The Big Boys?" These are men/woman with jobs, they carry briefcases to work and highly sophisticated, educated men/woman. What behaviors and traits separate these individuals from the working class hero? First of all, luxurious brands seem to appeal to this bunch because it portrays an image of success--and in some cases--professionalism. So what are the appropriate tools and imagery that will these people tick, think, and buy.
First of all, managers/bosses and supervisors tend to have more knowledge about the product you are trying to pursue them with. This can include: fax machines, telephone services, printers and security systems. Always keep in mind as well that you can offer them a new product or service ONLY if it is better than the object they already have or your company offers better customer service.
Be sure to check in for "Communicating with The Big Boys in B2B - Part II"

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