Sunday, March 7, 2010

Data Mining

A dentist would be able to detect a cavity in his/her mouth instantly. Why? Because that is there profession. Just like a dermatologist can spot a the difference between acne (and whatever skin problems there are). My friend, who will remain anonymous, called me and I asked if I knew how to unclog a toilet. Being a guy, we're always obligated to fix those 'disgusting' problems. I feel pretty confident in completing the job, but wanted to check some tips on Google just to be sure.

After my search on the process of unclogging toilets (which was pretty helpful I may say) I went to YouTube to listen to a song. On the bottom of the YouTube screen, advertisements were popping offering me 20% off plumbing products. Are Google and YouTube in cahoots? Do I only notice these things because I'm studying Advertising and Marketing? I can picture in my mind right now individuals all over the world finding it amazing seeing advertisements and thinking "Holy crap, what a coincidence. I was just thinking of re-staining my deck", not remember searching for outdoor wood stain.

Was this incident a complete coincidence? Or is the power of data mining THAT advanced?

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