Friday, March 5, 2010

The rise of the SHAMWOW and Slapchop.

We all know the ShamWow guy (the one who got arrested for prostitution but was still hired to promote the slapchop) from the commercials, telling us we're wasting valuable dollars on paper towels and quality products are made in Germany. Unless you've been living under a rock (or in Amish land), you're aware of the saying "But wait, there's more", or the famous "But if you call now, we'll throw in ......".

Are the ShamWow and Slapchop great products or is their direct marketing BRILLIANT? Would these products be so popular if traditional advertising was used for the awareness of these products? So why use a direct approach? Well, I'll tell ya.

1. Direct marketing is measurable. ROI can be calculated.
2. The ShamWow guy might be the new kingpin of direct television.
3. Television was used for these products because television can demonstrate what the products are capable of doing.

Did you know that thirty million dollars of Shamwows are sold every month. WOW. Everybody has heard of a shamwow, everybody knows who the shamwow guy is. This is a strong indicator that people are still paying attention to commercials; if it's interesting. Just remember, people are selfish; they don't give a @$!$ about your company. You NEED to entertain, engage and create that *shamwow* moment.

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